Map File

Creation of the “Domodroid” directory at the root of the external storage directory (or internal for some specific devices), maps have to be put in this directory.

  • Add a map directly from the map view with the android internal image picker.


  • Longclick on map allow you to add/move/remove or change icon of a widget directly from where or what you put finger on.

  • Zoom: 2 fingers pinch (Not working in current version)

  • Drag: 2 fingers move (Not working in current version)

  • Change map: 3 fingers tap

    Multi-touch gesture (Zoom, Drag, Change Map, Hide text, Block map edition) can be activated from the “MAP Options” screen.

Gesture activation must be activated only on powerful devices otherwise Domodroid will certainly crashes. Bitmap rezising might cause OutOfMemory exception so domodroid will automatically reduce bitmaps exceeding 800*800px by √2.


  • Jpeg jpg Png and SVG format supported:

To display SVG images, Domodroid use a modified version of the library svg-Android ( ). This library supports a subset of the SVG Basic 1.1 specification. Typically, you can just load your vector artwork in Illustrator and then save it as a SVG file (selecting the SVG Basic 1.1 option when asked) and it will work fine. Inkscape does not have direct support for SVG Basic, but many drawings will just work when saved as SVG from Inkscape. These are the features of SVG Basic not supported: Be careful, you must use “px” as unit because of a bug in float conversion in this parser. If you use “mm” or “in” it might not work.

All text and font features.

Raster images (bitmaps).

Symbols, conditional processing.


Masks, filters and views.

Interactivity, linking, scripting and animation.

Arc commands in paths (work on this is in progress).

Top Menu


Add widgets button allows users to place a widget on the map by choosing an item from the feature list and touching the map to place the widget. It can be replaced later by using move widget


Help open the map mode help splash screen.

Remove widgets button allows users to remove the widget from the current map.

Move widgets button allows users to move the widget from the current map, select it and replace it somewhere else.

Remove all button allows users to remove all widget from the current map.