PlayStore version

Current Beta 1.4 is on the Google playstore here:

Github version

On Github release for each version here:

F-Droid version

On F-Droid also for those who doesn’t want to go to google store:

Version in about

To know witch version you’re using, you could use the “About” menu it’s write behind the rev number.

They’re is also the Domogik version in the example above 0.5

For example in this view the Dev version is 1.4_android_studio Rev_19 but it should look more like 1.4_android_studio 336:9c0ad72e15:


Develop version

If you wish to use the current developper version:

Since ~10/2015 domodroid is develop with Android Studio.

Use the github branch master for current stable version or 1-4-android_studio branch for develop’s one:

get the source and compile it on your own machine.


Previous Branch where used with Eclipse and a nightly builds mechanism no more actual.

You need to allow unknown source

Download the last apk from if the apps didn’t work (because of nightly build) ask a working version to somebody on irc #domogik-domodroid.

Just copy/paste the apk you’ve just download

Open it from your device and install it.