Developers environnementΒΆ

You can use a lot of tools.

Since 12/2015 we migrate to Android Studio for developement. Still using API 9 from android to ensure largest device compatibility.

You will need Java JDK superior to 7.

Android studio will fail to correctly set projet. You have to import it using github in android studio then configure the modules in project structure.

First remove default module names domodroid. Add a new module select Api 8 platform in Module SDK. Names id as you want (domodroid or main or ...). In content root select: your pathdomodroidDomodroidsrcmain as root content.

In this module select gen and java as source, and add a java libs in dependencies domodroidDomodroidlibs.

Now you can android structure in this module, selecting the right manifest res assets and libs (they sould be automatically add with correct path this time).

Somes libs are used:

The android appcompat, for navigation drawer and other stuff;

jeroMQ to make domodroid compatible with domogik MQ;

Achartengine is used to make graph;

Osmdroid to display openstreetmap for widget with coordonate;

Android-ago to display value of timestamp received in a friendly format;

Acra to catch crash and report them by mail;

AnrWathdog to catch Application not responding and report them by mail

Until version 11

ECLIPSE is only one of them, but you can use a simple text editor if you want.

Install Google SDK

Configure it to use git at this adress:

If you have right access to the domodroid github source to write. Install Egit plugin in Eclipse. You need to add an ssh key to your account and add it to the Egit conf. Once it his done import the project with ssh using “git” as username without password: ssh://