Domodroid BETA 1.4 provides plenty of features:


Multi display compatibility (Smartphone and Tablet)

Easy configuration: Set your RINOR IP/URL access and synchronize

Domogik could be install behind a proxy with http auth for security

A new feature register to Domogik event to update in real time or via the MQ

Power Management control keeping your screen on during the use of Domodroid

Full icon pack supported


lots of animated widgets

Auto-Updated with an asynchronous threading system and in real time with event or MQ

Data widget with 2d chart engine

A longClick on an area, room or widget allow you to change his icon, rename it, remove it or move it up or down.


Mjpeg Stream supported

Framerate counter

To use the camera streaming feature, the Camera plugin has to be installed in Domogik.

If none of your camera stream Mjpeg datas, you can use Zoneminder which is a free video camera security application that encode many kind of video stream format to mjpeg stream.