Developers configuration

It is called to get the right icons in function of the device state. In widget mode, case 0 is used for off, case 1 for 50%, case 2 for on and case 3 for undefined. In map mode, case 0 is for of and case 1 for on. All case depending of device usage.
It open the layout About and adapt it to get version code/name and package name This is to help developers with nightly build and finally with real version to be sure what version user are running.


  • The First 3 DB are only used to organize Domodroid House structure and display:

As Area and Room contains same information they could be optimize in next version with a new field for each type...

../_images/table_area.png ../_images/table_room.png ../_images/table_icon.png
  • This DB contain list of feature available in your domogik server:

An example:

  • This one contains the feature and a place to display it (Base, Area or Room)
  • Same but for the map mode with position on X and Y axis:
  • The state his no more used by Domodroid with the cache engine but it his still here: