Quick overview

Domodroid is a free Android user interface for Domogik under GNU/GPL v3 Licence.

With Domodroid, users can control most(theoretically all) of the devices supported by Domogik (PLCBus, X10, 1wire, Mjpeg Camera, WolPing, Yahoo Weather...).

Domodroid provides the following usages compatible with many technologies:

House mode

  • Switch (2 different switch type)
  • Dimmer
  • Trigger
  • Camera
  • Sensor (with 2 different graph engine)
  • Binary
  • Camera
  • Color Picker
  • Range
  • History of Caller ID
  • Command with multi parameters (for domogik 0.4 & more)
../_images/Widgets.png ../_images/Command_muti_parameters.png

Map mode

  • Some widget could be activated directly from map (boolean or triger)