Server option

  • For 0.5 users, you can use the qrcode to auto fill the most important informations.

Once done, go back to home screen and lunch a sync directly.

  • In server menu, set the IP and PORT of the domogik server:

    For example 40405

  • In 0.5 admin and rest port are sames (40406 by default).

  • Checkbox allow you to use SSL to join domogik.

  • Specify a wifi SSID used for local domogik access.

  • Same value are available for domogik external access (you could use a reverse proxy or open domogik to internet to allow access from anywhere).

  • Path is necessary and looks like /rest in last domogik version.
  • You can also set a user and password for http auth method.
  • Update_Timer is used to tell how often a full rest call is done to refresh sensors value.
  • Update_Url are not available for user but let you see the full url used by domodroid.
  • Check all information used by domodroid to join your domogik in the end of this view.

MQ option

  • Mq adress, pub, sub and req/rep port (for 0.4 or more domogik’s version). (should be filled automatically after a sync).

Widget option

  • Alternative widget allow the use of a new ON/OFF widget.
  • Display timestamp by date or from now in widget.
  • Alternative graph use achartengine as graph engine.
  • Graph size height.
  • Number of value for history in widget that are not graph.
  • Forbid 2 columns in each mode Landscape or portrait will show widget on only one columns if your screen have more than 700px in height or width.

Map option

  • Start options allow user to start in map mode directly instead of Room/Usage when launching Domodroid
  • Hide text, will hide the text of all widget on map
  • Lock menu will lock access to the top menu in map mode to avoid someone add/remove widget
  • Autozoom, this feature make image dimension to screensize, it makes your image nearly fullscreen (Always in current version)
  • Allow drag in map view (Not working in current version)
  • Allow zoom in map view (Not working in current version)

Max map size in px (be careful it could make memory error).


House option

  • You can select here the default area organisation, by device name, device type or plugin.
  • Force 0.3 by usage allow to un-force the by usage mode and restore by house view. Then you could organize your house as you want.
  • You can force, by device name, device type or plugin usage to avoid using more area.
  • Default area to open when domodroid Start (Not working in current version)

A day House organisation could be here too.


Butler option

  • Set your name and butler’s one

Debug option

  • Allow Verbose message
  • Allow Debug message
  • Allow Info message
  • Allow Warning message
  • Allow Error message
  • In Catlog
  • In Screen view (be careful it will show log on screen, so it could take ~5mins to display only sync log)
  • In text file
  • You have to select the directory name and file name where you want it to be save.
    Get attention that by default it’s in a hidden directory.
  • Dev, add the device Id after his name to help debugging.
  • A new view that allow you to see lgs directly from domodroid.